Sunday, April 30, 2006


Which I guess isn't a lot, but it was only the first night, after all.

Did a show for the West Island Crusade Against Cancer last night and used it as the official launch of the cd. The show was a lot of fun and headliners Bowser and Blue were excellent as usual. It was an interesting experience whor- I mean, marketing myself during intermission, but people were very kind and supportive, and the organizers were generous and helpful giving me a place to hawk my wares. The fact that some of the proceeds went back towards the benefit made the pitch a bit easier, but it's still hard to put yourself out there when you're chronically shy (strange how spotlights, a microphone and a few hundred spectators help get me out of my shell).

Thanks to all the volunteers and top WICAC brass for an exciting, memorable evening, particularly Eric for being a liason extraordinaire! Hope you enjoyed the Carlsberg.

And thank you to the people who bought the cd for your kind words and support. Hope you enjoy the jokes (and Carlsberg, if that's your thing).

Special shout out to Ernie Butler for a great job hosting and for being my first official sale! Just one more boost from Montreal's godfather of comedy who has helped me so much over the years (and actually, "godfather" is much too sinister a title, he's really more of a pit boss, like Don Rickles in "Casino"). Thank you once again, Ernie.

Now I just have to figure out how to make an autograph that actually has MORE character than my Blockbuster membership.

Thanks again, everyone. Onward and upward!

Friday, April 28, 2006


Just got these cd's from the presses today! It's all very exciting. In the next week I'll actually have something for sale in the "Buy Stuff" section of

I'll quickly thank a few people (orchestra prepare to play me off if this goes on to long).

Thanks to Corey Haberstock for recording my stand-up, Yukyuks Edmonton for letting him do it and to comedian Jay Brown for the nice intro/extro job which is on the cd.

Big thanks to Jesse Bochner for ace artwork, bringing a somewhat unsettling vision to a very palatable and pleasing light.

Huge thanks to Tom MacDonald at Repmedia and his printing crew for such great work, personal attention, and for going the extra mile to meet a tight deadline. Here is the official testimonial for the Repmedia website:

"If only all reproduction was this professional."

Yes, you can quote me!

And biggest thanks of all to Bill Roach for putting in so much time to help me put the cd together out of friendship and the love of comedy (and sound booths). I must get him MORE Chinese take-out someday.

Cue string section to cut me off before I start in with the religious deities. Good call.

To reiterate: Now available,

David Pryde Googly! Repeat Googly!


Thursday, April 27, 2006


Last night I was shooting a scene from a film called "Still Life" that looks to be a pretty funny story about an artist whose painting becomes famous after he is mistakenly believed to be dead. I have one little part where I walk on and say a line. It paid over $60 000.

It paid less than that, but it's still interesting to note the monetary value of one line on film versus a half hour or so of yammering at a live audience. Plus stand-up has no craft service (there were small oreos last night).

So why do stand-up?

I dunno. Anyway, I'm hosting tonight and Friday at the Comedyworks with Ryan Belleville, who is a very funny guy, then doing my cancer benefit in the West Island with Bowser and Blue, who are funny guys, and I will use the money I make from those shows to buy small oreos and sit in our driveway and continue to live the dream.

Monday, April 24, 2006


In response to an indescribable number of e-mails wondering how that battle turned out, I must apologize for the late results but proudly declare that DAVID PRYDE ALMOST WON A T-SHIRT!

Scott Faulconbridge was the ultimate winner while I was the runner-up. Alas, after a very successful first round 3-minute set, followed by an exhilarating second round of two minutes on an assigned topic, I'm afraid I came up short in the final improv round where my stream of consciousness meandered into murky waters where many spectators did not care to tread. It was a neat little experiment though, and big accolades go to the three judges, Tim Rabnett, D.J. McCarthy and Terence Bowman, for very entertaining commentary throughout the show.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


I just sent off the masters for my debut CD, "David Pryde Googly", which will be available at finer dingy corners at the backs of generic venues everywhere. Actually, I hope to be able to sell them online very soon. I'll post some art of the cd cover as soon as I figure out how to do that, but for now, just picture THIS:

: )

Except not sideways and with bigger eyebrows and some titles and color and stuff.

Saturday, April 08, 2006


So here is the official line-up of the COMEDY "RAP" BATTLE at the JUST FOR LAUGHS CABARET on APRIL 18TH.

Chantel Marostica
Mike Paterson
Kwasi Thomas
Scott Faulconbridge
David Pryde
Ryan Wilner
Rodney Ramsey

Hosted by Steve Patterson.

Should be fun.

Other David Pryde appearances in April:

APRIL 21, 22: WINDSOR YUK YUKS; with Scott Faulconbridge and Jon Dore (519-256-5233)
APRIL 27, 28: Hosting COMEDYWORKS in MONTREAL; other acts TBA (514-398-9661)
APRIL 29: BENEFIT FOR WICAC (West Island Crusade Against Cancer) with BOWSER AND BLUE and ERNIE BUTLER (514-882-5466)

Plus the usual Open Mike madness on Mondays at Comedyworks. Always a treat.

Monday, April 03, 2006


First of all, I'm pleased to say I had some very pleasant experiences performing at benefits in Stittsville and Whitby, Ontario, as well as a fun show for the people who work at Alcatel in Kanata, who make phone parts and, as it turns out, a highly addictive snack mix.

The rap battle show is being held on TUESDAY APRIL 18TH at the JUST FOR LAUGHS CABARET. It's an experimental format whereby comedians will compete against each other, doing prepared material, and then, in the really interesting part, they'll be asked to spend a brief intermission preparing three minutes of material on a topic that they are given right after the first round. It's a really hard thing to do jokes under the gun like that and it's entirely likely that the audience will be treated to minutes of awkward waffling punctuated by sharp bursts of from-left-field genius. At any rate, the show will be hosted by international headliner Steve Patterson, so any lulls will be temporary at the most. I think it will be lots of fun, or excruciating, but either way I'm looking forward to it. So far acts include me, TV's Mike Paterson, Scott Faulconbridge and more acts that I'll mention when I get more details. I just realized that the show has extremely little to do with rapping, so my bad, which is what some rappers say.

Happy Birthday to my brother Scott Pryde, who I'm hoping is somewhere reading his new 70's Avengers reprints while trimming his ears.