Thursday, September 17, 2009


Last May I joined my friends Mike Paterson, Tim Rabnett and Terence Bowman to form a sketch troupe for Montreal's Sketchfest at Theatre Ste-Catherine. We were called POWER FORCE: COMEDY FOR GEEKS and performed a delightful array of sketches on topics ranging from superheroes to Star Trek to Battlestar Galactica.

Long story short: It went really well, so we're back for a FULL WEEKEND, the last weekend of September, with new sketches, as well as the old ones that were so successful in the first place.

Details on the poster. By the way, if you see the word "sketch" mispelled, that's not a typo, that guy just pronounces it funny.

Hope to see you there! Live long and prosper.

Hey, lookee here, I found a version without a typo (yeah, it was a typo!). Otherwise, it's identical in every way. Yup, I see no difference at all!

Which is why I can't get a pilot's license!