Sunday, December 07, 2014


Good news for fans of compact things!

After a mere 8 years or so, I have released a second stand-up comedy CD, just in time to be a last-minute holiday gift.

The cd is called "Sight Gags", has 55 tracks, clocks in at about 58 minutes, and is something I'm really quite happy with. It even has the world's first (as far as I know) Bonus Track with Director Audio Commentary over the audio track (to help explain the final joke which is, you guessed it, a sight gag).

It can be downloaded at CD Baby (soon to come to iTunes and Amazon and other outlets), or an actual hard copy can be ordered as well for old-fashioned, materialistic folks that like to hold things.
(and for those who haven't sampled my debut CD, Googly, that's still available for download as well!)

Hope folks check it out these jokes and enjoy.

And for the record (or cd, for that matter), Happy Holidays!