Tuesday, March 17, 2015


On Sunday, exactly 1959 years after Julius Caesar’s assassination, I got my first official walk-out/complaint to management at a comedy club. Someone got crazy upset at my story about my son’s confusing the words “hobo” and “homo”. Won’t transcribe the bit but it’s basically a funny 90-second after-school special featuring knee-jerk homophobia, self-reflection and resolving clearly in the spirit of tolerance and acceptance (clear to most people, anyway).

The following are three quotes I had been thinking about that very day, and felt even more compelled to share after the incident. These are words I come back to from time to time when going over my jokes. As a St. Pat’s bonus, the first one’s from an Irishman!

“I don’t want you to learn anything at my shows. I want you to leave knowing less.”
  • Tommy Tiernan

“Throw what you got.”
  • Kenny Robinson

“I don’t know the recipe for success, but I can tell you the recipe for failure. Trying to please everybody.”
  • Bill Cosby

As true today as it was when he was drugging all those ladies!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! (drink responsibly)