Wednesday, September 14, 2011


The television version of The Debaters has been airing off-and-on at different times on different nights, first during the hockey playoffs and then sporadically during the summer. No more! Now they've found their official time slot which will be, STARTING TONIGHT, EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT AT 9:30 ON CBC TV.

And to show off my insider-ness I've got a list of the topics and comics lined up from Sep. to Dec.

So peruse below (and spot ye olde blog host's appearance right around Thanksgiving on October 12th).

And tell your friends to support the show and spark a tradition of debating with no signs of abating.

Debates for Fall 2011:

114  - Sept. 14
Paul Bae and Erica Sigurdson
Bald is Beautiful
David Hemstad and Scott Faulconbridge
115 – Sept. 21
Lower Expectations
Roman Danylo  and Ellie Harvie
Zombies Versus Vampires
Pete Zedlacher  and Kristeen von Hagen and
116 – Sept. 28
Darcy Michael and Alan Park
Beauty versus Brains
Joh Steinberg and Darrin Frost
117 – Oct. 5
Fast Food
Alan Park and Ron Sparks
Great Women
John Wing and Dragon Den's Arlene Dickenson
 118 – Oct. 12
Cirque du Soleil
Derek Seguin and Rebecca Kohler
Andrew Younghusband and David Pryde
119 – Oct. 19
Old Rockers
Glen Foster and Pete Zedlacher
Nikki Payne and Dave Hemstad
120 – Oct. 26
Breaking Up
Phil Hanley and Laurie Elliott
Rome versus America
Don Kelly and Rick Green
125 – Nov. 2
News versus Sports
Rebecca Kohler versus Dave Hemstad
Suzuki versus Cherry
Charlie Demers versus Sean Cullen
121 – Nov. 9
Older Men Younger Women
John Wing and Teresa Pavlinek
Harry Doupe and Tim Steeves
122 – Nov. 16
Don Kelly and Graham Clark
Elvira Kurt and Scott Thompson
123 – Nov. 23
Ron Sparks and Graham Clark
Mike Wilmot and Deb Kimmett
 124 – Nov. 30
Tea versus Coffee
Sean Cullen and Pete Johansson
Fewer Channels
Derek Edwards and Nathan Macintosh
 126 – Dec. 7
Pete Johansson and Charles Demers
Garage Sales
Graham Chittenden and Morgan Brayton

NOTE: The Debaters is still on the radio, too!

Saturdays at 1:00pm and Wednesdays at 11:30am on CBC Radio One!