Friday, July 28, 2017


Well, I haven't been living up to my resolution to keep regular updates, having neglected to mention gigs everywhere from Kingston, Ontario to Hobart, Tasmania (Australia!).

But what the heck, I'll mention this one:

I was asked to do some writing for this Just for Laughs gala. It was going well. And then I got a call from the head producer. I'd assumed it was on more matters of punch-ups and scripting meetings but it basically boiled down to, "Want a spot on the gala?". This was on July 22nd, the gala is July 31st.

Man, less than 10 days notice... which is probably a new record for me getting last-minute bookings on this festival (but possibly not, I've had a few similarly close calls at this point). Not to mention it's the closing gala celebrating our city's 375th birthday which means (a) it's a pretty high-profile event and (b) it's a themed gala, meaning my jokes have to bear some relevance to the topic of Montreal.

Long story one sentence longer, I was pretty blind-sided and panicked and totally blanked on any relevant material I had to offer.

But I said 'yes'.

Have spent the week working a set out, have three more shows scheduled for practice before big gala Monday.

It's a kooky business. But kind of fun, too. And I can think of worse problems than being on JFL's radar, even if it's only last-minute in this case.

Off to reflect on life in the big (and old) city.

And here are details on the show:

It's a good 'un!