Thursday, May 29, 2008


Ten years ago, on May 25th, I stepped onstage at Jimbo’s Comedyworks for my very first open mike spot. Since then I have made most of what amounts to a living off comedy, whether through stand-up, improv, acting, writing or innovative hybrids of all of the above. I’ve met famous people I never would have imagined meeting (some of whom, I’m proud to say, now know me from a hole in the wall). I’ve found myself in unusual locales from Cardiff, Wales to Appleton, Wisconsin, wondering how the heck life brought me to this point. It’s been an interesting decade.

But no experience nailed the sur-reality of my career path better than the evening of my tenth anniversary last Sunday, where I took part in the season finale of CBC Radio’s “The Debaters” before a lively studio audience in Vancouver. My reason for being there? To argue for the merits of comic book superheroes as role models.

How many classes in high school, university, or driver’s ed have I daydreamed about these primary-color-clad beacons of justice; doodling them, listing them, and just wishing that such ruminating could somehow substitute for getting a real job? Too many times to count. But I never dreamed that one day the government-funded Canadian Broadcasting Corporation would FLY ME ACROSS THE COUNTRY, pick up the tab on a classy hotel, and allow, nay, demand that I talk up my childhood/adolescent/pretty-much-now passion for funnybook heroes before a NATIONWIDE listening audience. My opponent was Ian Boothby who, besides being a funny comedian, is the writer of the comic book adaptations of “The Simpsons” and “Futurama” and has also worked on “The Flash”! I was arguing superheroes with a guy who wrote FLASH! Before a crowd of people who not only hung on every word but APPLAUDED. A lot!

I tell you simply, it does not get better than that. As I sit back, reflective, and wait for my CBC paycheck to arrive (oh yeah, guess it DOES get better) I have to conclude that, as career choices go, I could have gone for more security, more respectability…but I couldn’t feel more lucky than I did last Sunday. Especially my inner doodler, who’s never doubted that all is unfolding just as it should.

Happy anniversary indeed.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


...and thank you to everyone who came out for my headline weekend at the Comedyworks. 10 years ago this month I did my first open mike at Jimbo's club, and it was so nice to have this weekend on his stage to help celebrate the milestone. So thanks to him too!

It was a lot of fun.

And my voice is feeling much better.

Enjoy the long weekend.

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Just a note that I will have my first headlining weekend coming up from May 15-17th at the Comedyworks (1238 Bishop St. above Jimbo's Pub in downtown Montreal).

Showtimes are: Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 8:30 pm, LATE SHOWS Friday and Saturday at 11:00 pm. Call for reservations at 514-398-9661.

I'll also be yammering on CJAD with Joey Elias this Wednesday the 14th during the CJAD Comedy Hour (11:00pm, 800 on the AM dial).

As implied at the top, I hope to wheel out a bit of everything this weekend, from classics to up-and-coming bits.

Hope y'all can make it!

Sunday, May 04, 2008


Where the f&ck have I been?

Besides attending my "Better Swearing Through Ampersands" seminar I've been moving. It turns out "moving", a word that normally suggests motion, can also signify a dead halt in life's forward momentum. But now that I'm settled I can finally post this thing I had lots of fun doing.

It's from our tribute show held a month ago (already!) to beloved friend and retiring comedy booker Mike Sauro. It is the ultimate indulgence of my two favorite passions: comic books and foisting comic book trivia on an unsuspecting comedy audience. With the help of fellow comedians Scott Faulconbridge and Tim Rabnett, here it is:

The Ultimate Stand-Up Comic Book Set