Tuesday, February 15, 2022


My last post was promoting a week at Absolute Comedy in Ottawa. It began with an acknowledgment that I hadn't posted here in close to three years. 

That post was almost exactly two years ago.

So I am getting a bit more frequent.  Also, in this case, I think we can all be forgiven for letting things slide since February of 2020. 

Anyway, setting the world's unpleasantness aside, I am back at Absolute Comedy in Toronto next week, after two years (!), to headline the week of Tuesday, February 22nd to Sunday, February 27th. 

Reservation info to be found at https://www.absolutecomedy.ca/toronto .

It will be very nice to be back.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020


For starters, I should point out that if this has been your source of David Pryde updates over the past two and a half years, you probably missed my last 246 shows or so, but that's okay. I mostly mention upcoming events on Facebook or at my Twitter handle: @davidprydejokes

But just to see if this page still works, I am happy to announce I rolled into Ottawa last night to kick off another headline weekend at Absolute Comedy. I get to work with Baltimore's (or "Ball'mer's") own Mike Storck. Last night we had a fine old time and the action continues from Wednesday through Sunday. Check out https://www.absolutecomedy.ca/ottawa for details. And if you can't make it this week, I shall return on May 5th to do a CBC Radio LOL taping, which should also be a gas. That's at the Shenkman Arts Centre, and you can get tickets by clicking the BUY TICKETS link on the left hand side when you go here: https://www.cbc.ca/radio/laughoutloud

There, that was fun. Glad to see the old blog still has some pixels in 'er. See you all somewhere down the road!

Tuesday, August 01, 2017


I'm slowly, very slowly, coming down from last night's gala, Montreal: An Intervention, which turned into one of my favourite Just for Laughs nights ever. As previously noted, I was a last-minute addition to the bill, but am grateful the chips fell the way they did.

For starters, I got to room with very funny, supportive, friendly guys who made loosening up for the occasion an easier matter.

Speaking of loosening up, my introduction was given by "The Bachelor"-winner (and Montrealer) Vanessa Grimaldi, who told me a minute before going on that she'd say my name, wait for me and we could give each other a quick hug and pecks on both cheeks (she demurely stipulated "Not on lips"). I was able to roll with the pretty unexpected format and got a laugh for my awkardness (as is my wont) off the top, setting the stage for what was a really fun and fancy-free set. So good show, Vanessa.

The audience was very giving, the staff were great, the comics were fun, and the 2017 Just for Laughs Festival was closed out in style.

Thanks very much to the festival for letting me be a part of it all. When I was offered the gig 10 days ago the part of me that says "Don't do it, you won't be ready in 10 days" was squirming away in my brain. Very glad I denied ol' Squirmy the last word. It was fun. Probably a moral in there somewhere.

Oh, and added bonus, my wife bypassed the babysitter option and brought our 7-year-old daughter to the show (our boy is at camp). Her favourite act was the choir at the end. She didn't get many jokes (thankfully, in my case...can't believe the first time she sees me live is when I'm wheeling out the "trigger warning" bit). But I'm glad she's seen me at a high point.

Happy 375th Birthday, Montreal. Thanks for inviting me to the party.

Friday, July 28, 2017


Well, I haven't been living up to my resolution to keep regular updates, having neglected to mention gigs everywhere from Kingston, Ontario to Hobart, Tasmania (Australia!).

But what the heck, I'll mention this one:

I was asked to do some writing for this Just for Laughs gala. It was going well. And then I got a call from the head producer. I'd assumed it was on more matters of punch-ups and scripting meetings but it basically boiled down to, "Want a spot on the gala?". This was on July 22nd, the gala is July 31st.

Man, less than 10 days notice... which is probably a new record for me getting last-minute bookings on this festival (but possibly not, I've had a few similarly close calls at this point). Not to mention it's the closing gala celebrating our city's 375th birthday which means (a) it's a pretty high-profile event and (b) it's a themed gala, meaning my jokes have to bear some relevance to the topic of Montreal.

Long story one sentence longer, I was pretty blind-sided and panicked and totally blanked on any relevant material I had to offer.

But I said 'yes'.

Have spent the week working a set out, have three more shows scheduled for practice before big gala Monday.

It's a kooky business. But kind of fun, too. And I can think of worse problems than being on JFL's radar, even if it's only last-minute in this case.

Off to reflect on life in the big (and old) city.

And here are details on the show:


It's a good 'un!

Thursday, January 12, 2017


...to post news on this site more than once a year. Maybe in 2017 we'll crack double-digits!

First news of the year:

A strange yet compellingly clever man approached me to say that the legendary Emo Philips is coming to Montreal to perform at the Comedynest from January 19th-21st.

I was also informed that I will be opening for him, which I had the pleasure of doing this past Just for Laughs Festival. That's the sort of thing that I would have posted in 2016 if I was more responsible.

But better late than never. Hurry to www.comedynest.com to reserve for a great, weird wonderful show.

And check for my next post, sometime before 2018 (promise!).

Thursday, May 05, 2016


My Toronto junket begins Tuesday next week. Here’s where I’m gonna be:

Tuesday May 10th-Sunday May 15th: 
Headlining Absolute Comedy Toronto every night (2 shows on Saturday)

Monday May 16th:
AltDotComedyLounge at the Rivoli at 9pm (my first spot there in waaaay too long)

Tuesday May 17th:
The Debaters at the Showplace Performance Centre in Peterborough, Ontario.
Debating against all-star Dave Hemstad on the topic of “Is Rejection Good for You?”
(I’m saying it’s not good, and you’ll agree if you try to get tickets, ‘cause this show’s sold out)

Then home.

So that’s a fun bunch of shows. Maybe at one of them, I’ll see YOU!

Wednesday, April 06, 2016


The flurries are flurrying in Ottawa now, a short hour or two after Mark Anthony Sinagoga and I have returned from our grocery run. He and I are hosting and headlining, respectively, all week at Absolute Comedy in Ottawa.

Hopefully people will brave the elements and come enjoy a good show either tonight, Thursday, two shows Friday, two shows Saturday, or Sunday.

A great way to celebrate Canadian Spring, when April (frozen) Showers lead to May (dead) Flowers.